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Post Construction Cleaning NYC|(212) 457-8833|NYC Construction Cleanup Services

Green Pro is The #1 Post Construction Cleaning NYC Company!

What Makes Green Pro The Best Post Construction Cleaning NYC Service?

With Green Pro Every detail counts

In our Post Construction Cleaning NYC services we pay attention to the smallest and most minute details; and that sets us apart from almost all of our NYC construction cleaning competitors.

At Green Pro our construction cleaning services are nearly unlimited in scope and our highly trained professional staff will do whatever is necessary during the cleanup process to make sure that your site is spotless and that your deadline is met on time.

Our staff are extremely familiar with the needs and requirements of all phases of and types of Post Construction Cleaning NYC services, and are aware this is a very special and detailed type of cleaning service.

When our staff finishes cleaning your new or renovated residence or construction site it will be in a perfectly pristine condition that will be ready for you or your clients to unpack and move in to a completely clean and dust-free environment.

At Green Pro our team is always ready to help you with a fully customized and special cleaning program that will offer you extremely professional and affordable effective cleaning services and solutions.

Please try to keep in mind that our NYC post construction cleaning services will always be engineered and carried out in a way that will meet your situations specific cleaning requirements.

Micro-dust settles on everything during construction – Green Pro gets it all!

Whether you are completing a new commercial building project or are renovating a small urban living space, it is fact that micro-dust will settle on every surface no matter how neat and cautiously the construction is done. And it is also a certainty that those surfaces will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before you move back in or reside there. If your apartment is furnished while the construction process is underway our staff will vacuum and dust all of your furniture and carpeting, including cleaning behind and underneath it to ensure that your environment returns to a very healthy living or working condition.

Green Pro uses HEPA air machines provided for maximum dust removal – Green Pro staff are the most thorough in all of New York City!

Prior to commencing each Post Construction Cleaning project Green Pro staff will install HEPA filtered air scrubber units within each individual work area to remove construction particulates from the air at your construction site. Green Pro’s staff will then meticulously clean and vacuum (using HEPA filtered vacuum units). And as part of each Post Construction Cleaning project, our highly trained staff will also inspect the components of the ventilation and exhaust systems of your home or building for cleanliness to avoid the potential for the release of dust and other harmful particulates into your newly renovated and cleaned space.

With Green Pro Every Post Construction Cleaning Job is Guaranteed – Our Reputation Speaks For Itself!

At Green Pro your satisfaction and safety is always our main concern. Our staff will make sure that you are no less than 100% satisfied every time we clean your building construction site or home.

Choose the company with the experience, equipment and trained staff needed to give you the finest detail cleaning for your construction project to be in move in ready condition; even on short notice. Emergency cleaning calls are welcomed.

Make Green Pro your choice for all of your Post Construction Cleaning NYC needs.

For More Information on Green Pro Post Construction Cleaning NYC Call (212) 457-8833